This Prayer for Creative Release is adapted from a prayer that our Artistic Director, Lisa Leach prays over people who come to her for art instruction.

It has been personalized so that anyone can pray it for themselves. However, if you want to reinforce this prayer, you should consider making an appointment with Lisa to get some personal prayer. Her training and insights will help you get unstuck in art and in life.

Special Prayer for Creative Release

Prayer for Creative ReleaseCreator of the Universe, thank you for making me creative! Thank you for beauty and variety.

I pray that my creative time would be a fruitful and healing time. I invite Your Holy Spirit to hover over my work and give me light and inspiration. As I work with my hands, please work in my heart. Bring together the different pieces of my life and make something beautiful of them.

In areas where I have been squashed, pushed into a wrong mold or held back from engaging my creative gifts, I ask for new freedom. I forgive those who have neglected to nurture me and I let go of those who have oppressed me in any way.

If I have picked up lies and “mind noise” associated with creativity — (thoughts like, “I can’t draw” or “I don’t have any talent,” or “I should be doing something more important” and “[fill in the blank] — I ask the Spirit to break off those lies in my life. Release me from the limitations they have put on me. 

I line up with the Creator who has made me to be creative. I declare that I have something special inside that is meant to be expressed. I declare that this time IS important and vital to life.

I also let go of perfectionism and ask to be released from habits that keep me in a box. I ask that you break off past disappointments, failures and fears.

Prayer and BlessingBless me to receive love and light and to enter into a new level of discovery and wonder as I take time to play. Bless me with courage to try new things. Bless me with spiritual stamina and boldness to take those risks.

Let me feel God’s pleasure over me as I engage in creative work now. Unstop the wells in my soul and let fresh ideas and ways of seeing spring up along with creative juices. Amen.