FAQ on Dreams

Students from my course on Dream Interpretation Secrets of the Bible, have presented me with many fascinating questions about dreams. Here are some their questions. I call them FAQ on dreams. Hopefully they will help you to understand more about your dreams life. Just click on the question to go to the answer:

Do dreams have any significance?

What do I do if I don’t remember my dreams?

Do all dreams need to be interpreted?

How can I train myself to remember more of my dreams?

Is it normal to have several dreams a night?

How do I interpret a dream within a dream?

How can out daily activities affect our dreams?

What does it mean when two people have the same dream on the same night?

Do drugs influence dreaming?

Why do some dreams keep repeating themselves?

Do children’s dreams mean the same as adults?

What do I do if I cannot interpret my dream?

How do I know if a dream is from God?

Is it possible to die in your dreams?

I have been writing down my dreams. What is a good way to study them that doesn’t involve scary statistical analysis or flaky symbolism?

Do animals dream?

How do I stop having bad dreams?