3 Tips to Put Your Subconscious to Work

As a business owner or creative artist, you may be delighted to know there is a way to put your subconscious to work. It is a tried and true method to boost creativity and get us out of jams. After all, for each of us, our present thinking got us to where we are now.

I_AMTo go beyond where we are, we need to take on new thinking or gain new insights. That is where your sleep comes in. You can brainstorm while you sleep.

CNN Money reports on several people who are devoted to the strategy of “sleepworking”. That is where people take power naps at their worksite so that they can boost their brain function.  Unfortunately, if you are like most people, the work environment does not allow for that kind of luxury.

But don’t let that stop you. Use your “downtime” at night to allow your unconscious to incubate fresh insights and ideas.

Brainstorm While You Sleep

Step 1: Identify Your Problem — But DON’T try to solve it.

It is too tempting to wrestle with the problem before we understand it. Instead, it is helpful to write out what you think the problem. Writing it out forces you to organize your thoughts and prepare well for the next step. Put it in the form of a question.

Step 2: Ask Yourself to Look For the Answer.

The question that you wrote out should be the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. Make sure you do NOT try to consciously solve your problem. It will only gum up the works.

Step 3: Be Patient But Be Prepared

It may take a day or two for the answer to pop into your head. Don’t worry; trust the process. You may get an answer in a dream or something may come to you when you are awake and thinking about something else. It may come to you as you are writing in your journal.

In any case, you want to be prepared. Keep a dream journal by your bed and write down both the question you asked and the dream answer. Keep a small notepad in your pocket as you go through your day so that you can jot down ideas quickly. Or keep a recording device handy, like an app on your cell phone.

Dreams are Written in Disappearing Ink

It has been said that dream are written in disappearing ink. So are quick thoughts and insights that you have duringfile000594097701 the day. That is why you want to keep a pen and paper handy. Or a recording device.

With all the busyness of your day, it’s nice to know that your “down time” at night can be very productive and enlightening too. So go ahead: brainstorm while you sleep.