The Heart of Healing Prayer


Healer in ActionDo you think of someone who needs to “get better” — do you think of healing prayer?

Do you feel turned off by the idea of healing, maybe because of a hurtful experience?

Do you want more healing, but you’ve been told you “need more faith”?

Or down deep, do you think you deserve to suffer? Does your need for healing mean you’re not “okay”?

Consider a different approach:

Like all of us, you need LIFE. You need light and love and you need wholeness and peace. Yes, maybe you need to be healed of a sickness or trauma, but it’s still all about you growing more alive, becoming more yourself. And if you Healing Prayer Environmenthave more challenges, you will grow faster, because you know your need of healing and that gives you a jumpstart. In that sense, your desperation is a gift!

Either way, we are committed to going deeper and making room for you to really tap into the fullness of who you are created to be. At Spirit Wind, we can pray for you in various ways–at our healing services, in individual appointments or even in between. At the same time, our aim is to create such a healing environment that you experience healing simply by walking in.

Ideally, your healing can be as close as the air you breathe. The more healing that happens in our space, the more healing presence fills the atmosphere. It’s a good kind of contagion!


You will want to know whether or not you can trust us. While we are each trained in several methods of biblical healing prayer, we also work intuitively, using different approaches to suit your individual needs.

In addition, we have discovered one main truth about healing through the years: It doesn’t seem to matter so much what healing method is used. What matters more is the level of personal healing in the person praying for you.

Healing touchWe’ve seen good and bad scenarios in all kinds of settings. Personal healing is the thing that seems to make the most difference. It’s going to benefit you more if we have maturity, respectful compassion and freedom from personal agenda so we can be truly available to you.

So yes, we’ve had “official” training in healing prayer, but some of the best training has been the difficult experiences in our lives–those times of humbling when we were in pain or didn’t know which end was up. Each mistake we’ve made or injustice we’ve suffered has provided us with yet another way to overcome and another way to relate to you.

Because our hearts have been broken and healed, we’ve found that our capacity to love and give and let go has increased. We’ll leave it to you to discern if our approach is the right fit for you.

Visit us for a chat, for a peek into our chapel, for a healing session or your own tailor-made creative healing appointment.