Short Guide for Soul Care & Spiritual Reflection

Suggestions for Soul Care

 Sometimes you know exactly what you want when you do spiritual reflection. At other times you may wonder if you have anything to share. You just know you need some soul care.That’s okay.

Either way, it is helpful to do some self-reflection. This will prepare you to have a fruitful time with your spiritual director or other soul friend. Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on this!

Silence Helps Alertness

A day or two before our session, invest in yourself by taking an hour to prepare for spiritual refection. Don’t worry IMG_1606if you can’t do it in one block of time. Try for at least 15 or 20 minutes blocks throughout the day.

Take a few minutes to silence yourself so that you can be spiritually alert. Look back over what has happened in your life since the last session. Read through the questions and respond only to the ones that open a window into your soul. You may want to journal your answers.

Don’t worry about getting the answer to every question. Just answer the ones that stand out to you the most. Review the broad strokes of what you’ve learned and experienced since we last met. See what stands out to you the most.

Questions for Self-Reflection

  • soul care questionsHow would I describe my relationship with God at this moment?
  • How open and responsive to the Spirit have I been? What has affected this?
  • In what ways am I currently nurturing or tending to my spiritual life?
  • What things have helped (or hindered) my pursuit of God or of spiritual things?
  • What experiences, events, relationships, etc. have communicated a sense of God’s presence with me?
  • What experiences, events, relationships, etc. have communicated a sense of God’s absence from me?
  • When is the last time I felt the love of God?
  • What real life issues would I like to bring into the process of discernment or guidance?
  • In what ways have I sensed God speaking into my life lately?