Spiritual Tuneup Blueprint

What Is A Spiritual TuneUp?

A spiritual tuneup is an intentional look at your life with God. It is a guiltless way to attune yourself to the Creator and to open yourself to His will and grace. Done well, a spiritual tune-up leads to freedom and creative flow.

spiritual tuneup with musicThink of it this way: a musical instrument needs to be intentionally adjusted — tuned — in order to give the perfect sound. In the same way, our spirits need to be retuned to operate at the perfect vibration.

Or to use another metaphor: your car needs regular maintenance, including a tune-up, to operate at peak efficiency. So does your spirit.

When you do a tune-up, you want to find out all the things that are keeping it from being in peak condition. Are the filters clogged? Is the engine timing off? Is there a short in the electrical wiring? Do the spark plugs have the proper gap?

In the case of the musical instrument and the car, nothing is unusual if they need to be adjusted. That is a normal consequence of operating in their everyday environment.

Tuneup your spiritIn the same way, our spirits need to be tuned-up from time to time too. If you notice a lack of spiritual energy, it is probably a clue that you need some personal maintenance. Let me point out that the instrument and the car do not tune themselves. They get retuned by the masters.

You do not have to tune-up yourself. You give yourself over to the master — the Spirit of God, to come into the right frequency or the right operating temperature.

How Do You Perform a Spiritual Tuneup?

There are two parts to a spiritual tuneup. As I said before, it takes an intentional effort. Those two parts give your spirit the attention it deserves. Put another way, the tune-up is an intentional look at your connection with God

Part 1: Diagnose and Reflect

This is where you carve out some time to reflect on your spiritual life. A couple of hours over a couple of days (or on one day) should be more than enough. This should be done in a place where you will have no distraction or interruption. Ideally, you should go to your favorite life-giving spot.

Center yourself. Settle yourself inwardly. Look prayerfully at the past few months of your life. Record your reflections in a journal (or on your ipad). Use these questions to launch your reflection.

Spiritual Tuneup and tuned inConsider what has helped you connect with God. Identify the desires and dreams that stir your soul right now. Think about some life adjustments you could make so that you can line up with those desires and dream.

Part 2: Tune in and Tune-up

Having reflected on your spiritual life, you will want to process those reflections with a mentor or with your spiritual director (or both). This is where the tune-up happens. Bringing someone else into the process gives you better objectivity and (hopefully) wisdom to move forward.

This is where you discern both a path forward and where you attune your spirit to your Creator. It is also where you open yourself to His touch for inner healing and creative release.

You may find that a spiritual workout will need to be scheduled. However, just as likely, you may find the need to schedule rest for your soul.

Together we can discern the way that nurtures your deepest need.

As a spiritual director, I have been trained to come along side another person as the seek to grow in God. I would be delighted to do that with you. It could involve a single tune-up session or it could lead to an ongoing spiritual direction relationship. It is your choice.

Contact me now and let’s see how you can tune your soul to the vibrations of heaven.