Partnership — Synergy — Relationship

Something happens on a deeper level when you join yourself to a group of like-hearted people. Becoming a partner gives you the feeling of being “part of the family.” It is like you take on spiritual DNA that shifts your life from the Partnersinside out. And it gives you a hearty feeling in your soul.

By partnering with Spirit Wind Center staff, volunteers and members, you become an integral member of our dynamic, relationship-based creative co-op. One that has spiritual support to nurture your inner vision.

Partnership goes beyond making a financial commitment. When you partner with people who share the same vision and draw from the same inspiration, you nurture a powerful passion.

Synergy develops that enriches everyone. The total effect is greater than the sum of the parts. As we encourage each other, the community becomes richer for each one in it.

Partner Benefits

Partner DrawingThere are practical, hands-on benefits of partnering with us. There are also “intangible” bonuses when you join our co-op family:

Tangible Benefits:

  • 10% discount on all purchases (books and CDs)
  • 20% discount on all workshops, seminars and services
  • use of Spirit Wind Center studio space and chapel during regular hours and also by appointment
  • special use of studio space (by arrangement) to hold your own seminars, workshops or even some family events

Intangible Benefits:

Out motto is that “no one is safe from a blessing.” Sooooooo….

  • Prayer: We pray for you as part of our regular weekly meditation time. We hold you in our hearts as we uphold you before God your Creator
  • Mentoring and encouragement: At times we are available to bless you in person! With a combined 70 years of healing and ministry experience, (as well as life experience) Jim & Lisa can help you come into creative release and spiritual healing

Warning: sense of humor required!

Partner catIs partnership all sweetness and light? Ah, no. When you’re part of an intentional community of creative people, sometimes you can rub against each other’s rough edges. Ouch!

We may not always do things “right”, or beautifully, or according to your tastes. That’s OK. We love you anyway! Like any true family, we’re in this together for the long haul. Besides, we have found that God uses someone else’s imperfections to smooth off our own rough edges.

That is why it is helpful to have a sense of humor. It is part of the DNA of Spirit Wind Center. So, join us in our foibles and enjoy the company. Above all, energize your creative spirit.

For a minimum of $25 a month, you can become a partner. Test it out. Join our creative family now.

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