Life is never dull! You may have already seen many examples of the wonderful combo of healing and creative arts:

  • Healing and Creative Arts for ChildrenArt therapies of various kinds,
  • disabled people overcoming obstacles through creative vision,
  • the life-changing effect of beautiful music or a great novel,
  • the culture-shaping power of ennobling dance or drama.

This is potent stuff.

And it’s everywhere. Yes, the arts can be used for bad as well as good influence. All the more reason for you to know how to tap into its healing potential.

Both healing and creative ideas flow from the same place–down in your core.

Maybe you’ve heard the Bible verse, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38) You may be accustomed to moving in the Spirit. Or maybe you call this flow something different — energy or Chi or life force…

Scientists are beginning to describe the way our hearts and minds are actually “located” down in our core, not in the physical organs as we commonly think. They too are talking about a life force.

You might not describe these things in the same vocabulary that we use, but we can agree that something vital is happening when that flow is released. That’s why we combine healing and creative arts.


Something dies in you.

There are few things more frustrating than seeing something you know you’re supposed to have but it’s hindered — it’s stuck somewhere and you don’t know how to break up that log-jam. If that’s you, or if you’ve been wounded or oppressed in life, healing in one area may release you in another area.

For example, simply working with your hands on a creative project may unlock a whole bunch of memories that help you resolve an old pain.

Or if you receive prayer for a certain issue, you may discover that you’re suddenly released to do creative things that were jammed up before. Each one affects the other. You are designed in this wonderful way; all these things are interconnected.

And because they are interconnected, there’s hope for release of any blockage you might have.


We believe you are designed to be healthy and live a life of vibrant influence. In fact, we believe more than that. We believe creativity is part of who you are — it’s your birthright, even if you don’t think you are “creative.” You might be an entrepreneur, a technician or someone who works more with math and science than the arts per se; you’re stillHealing art creative.

You come up with solutions to problems and think up new ways of dealing with challenges you face. You write memos, deal with people — that’s creative too. You might have taken lessons in dance or music when you were younger, and you think it’s simply part of your past, or that you’re “not good enough” to be called a musician or an artist or whatever. No matter; creativity is still part of your identity.

You don’t have to believe everything we believe, but we invite you to ponder and consider the amazing, wonderful, artistic variety that’s in creation, including YOU.


The gifts you have in you, whether you’re aware of them or not, are “targeted for assault.” (We wrote a little more about this in our June 2014 Newsletter by that title.)

Yes, there’s evil out there that doesn’t want to you to flourish in all you’re born to do.

Whether through neglect or abuse or some kind of controlling conformity code, these gifts in you may have been squashed, starved or stymied in some way.

But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

Instead of thinking there must be something “wrong” with you, you can take it as a compliment, and know that what you’ve got in there is valuable and that’s why it’s been targeted.

Healing and the arts benchIt doesn’t have to have been a huge trauma, either; sometimes the long, slow, small stuff wears us down more than we realize. Maybe it’s work that takes all of your time. Or family commitments.

Or maybe there were just certain comments made by parents or teachers, years ago, that shut you down and discouraged you in some way.

Or maybe you weren’t noticed at all, and it caused you to wither. Whatever it is, recognizing it for what it is is half the battle. Know that there’s more for you than you’ve had so far. Then, being in a safe place to explore, to get back into the creative groove — that’s the other half.


Our job is, first, to provide that safe place to explore healing and creative arts. Then it’s to come alongside you if you want, to help reverse the effects of that assault. We’ve been stuck and derailed too, in many areas of our lives.

And because we’ve received help and seen restoration over the years, we know it’s possible for you to receive back more than what has been stolen or trampled. That’s very good news for you indeed! All it requires is a hunger for more.

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