Artwork and Dream Symbols

Many dream symbols awaken a strong response. We can’t get them out of our heads but we need to figure our what they mean. One great way to do that is to use some art form – paint, clay, music, wood, poetry, etc. – to express and interact with the symbols.

In effect, you are using the art to do a form of visio divina — or divine seeing. In other words you are using an image Dream Symbols(artwork based on your dream symbol) to pay attention to what God may be saying to your soul.

We understand that the spiritual and the creative come from the same place inside of you. Some call it your heart. Some call it being “in the zone”. Some call it something dropped into their imagination. We believe it is from God. Because He is a Creator, He helps us to create.

Re-create Your Dream Symbol

Imagine the dream symbol in your mind’s eye. Interact with it in your imagination. Imagine your dream was a movie and enter into the scene again. From that place begin to develop your art symbol. Interact using your hands even as you interact in your imagination. Let the symbol come out the way it wants to, even if it appears differently from the way it appeared in the original dream. That’s okay.

As you make your artwork — drawing, clay figure, song, collage, poem, etc., —  reflect on the insights and feelings that surface. Ask yourself why this symbol had so much energy in it that you remembered it so vividly. Personalize the artwork, even as you sign and date it for future meditation.Artwork and Dream Symbols

Consider working together in a group or even with your family. Maybe your want to share it as part of a dream group. You may find it beneficial to share your artwork and your experience of it. Very often, telling the story behind the artwork will give you more insight as to its meaning in the dream.

After you have finished your creation keep your work in a special place where you are likely to be involved with it frequently. You may gain new insights and release new creative expressions as you continue to ponder it.

Reflect on What You Have Created

Remember that God is a Creator. A dream from God is a spiritual creation. Dream symbols reflect God’s special language. Therefore as you do the artwork you it is helpful to partner with Him. You may even consider using the prayer for creative release as you create your  symbolic masterpiece.

Continue to reflect on what God may be revealing in this dream or with this symbol. Often dream and symbols remain mysteries because we don’t know how to determine their meaning.

Here’s an idea: ask His Holy Spirit to download His words into your heart and your spirit. Use the artwork as a point of simple prayer for what God is showing you in your life through the dream.

In the Bible, it was not unusual for people to set up memorials (like piles of stone) as a reminder to of the great way God had revealed His presence and power. Let the artwork be such a reminder for you.