Soul Friend & Spiritual Direction

soul friends foreverSpiritual direction is the art of sacred listening. It happens when a soul friend tunes in to God on your behalf, while they also tune in to you.

People who come to spiritual direction are not necessarily in a crisis. They are not looking for counseling. They do not want to be coached in what to do. Usually they feel that they are at some sort of crossroad in life. They feel that God is leading them or working on them. They are usually looking for someone to help them figure out which way to go.

In other words, they are looking for a “soul friend”.

Who could use spiritual direction?

soul friend at heartSpiritual direction is for people in all sorts of life situations:

  • those who are thriving,
  • those who are hurting,
  • those who are trying to find their way,
  • those who need creative release,
  • those who are questioning their personal choices.

During a spiritual direction session, you may become aware of God’s presence in your life — and His great love for you. Often you’ll find that the logjams of your life begin to sort themselves out and you develop a creative release.

So, what is it like to have a soul friend?

As a soul friend, I understand that God’s grace is always at work in your problems, struggles, or issues. I don’t try to solve them and I definitely don’t try to fix you. (That would make me like God).

soul friends listen togetherInstead, I listen together with you, knowing that the real spiritual director is the Holy Spirit. As we talk together about your life, I look for signs of grace — pressure points of life — where God is working or giving you opportunities to grow.

Seeing God at work in those pressure points makes them less burdensome. It gives hope and direction to what your are experiencing.

The deep listening that is involved in that process is a form of soul care. So why don’t you email me right now and we can talk together about what is going on in your life.

Either that, or let me share with you some of the benefits of spiritual direction, along with my life story.